The TRG Difference

We personally understand the culture of being an armed professional for the public and private sector. Most importantly for our clients we have this experience within our service region of Ontario. This allows us to relate our training tools and techniques to our clients. International experience has allowed our instructors to grow individually although it is important to ensure the programs remain regional and relevant to our clients.

We abide by a small list of offerings in order to ensure quality and expertise. We will ensure that we can meet your training needs by understanding your objectives and working with you towards a suitable solution. However, we are not afraid to turn down the opportunity if we do not have the required expertise. 

Our expertise is reinforced by OPERATIONAL, TECHNICAL & INSTRUCTIONAL experience. Our instructors require on the job experience in a senior position. They must represent the industries best practices with international exposure and superior regional knowledge. To represent themselves as adult educators they must have a record of success at providing instruction. 

We offer three types of accreditation.

  • In-House Accreditation. Our courses require a standard be met and upon completion a certificate is provided in recognition of the achievement. These standards are recognized as a level of proficiency and can be applied for future training.   
  • External Accreditation. We deliver career courses recognized and awarded by the authorities.
  • Third Party Approval. Industry recognition from third parties provides added accreditation both in your training and working endeavors. 

The best outcome is gained by attending an accredited course provided by recognized instructors following the industry's best practices and standards, that also have the expertise to push the envelope of innovation.

Live-Fire Concepts Progressive Training Plan


Our live-fire training is a three tiered program consisting of a total of five courses. Two pistol specific, two carbine specific and our most superior live-fire tactical course that is unanimous in platform being based on either pistol, carbine or both.  Attendees of the LFTC course will receive the designation of -C,-P or -C&P indicating the platform. In order to attend the LFTC you must achieve the previous two courses on the platform you intend on attending with. Exemptions to this rule may apply in some circumstances based on previous training and attending members duty requirements - special arrangements may be required. 

A minimum 50% deposit is required upon registration. Full payment is required 2 weeks prior to start date all payments are final with no refunds, credits or transfers.