Who We Are

TRG is short for Training and North represents our proud Canadian identity. We are a private training organization with high-performing instructors delivering innovative and complex training in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Scoped  Rifle platforms. Our lead instructor holds various credentials including Counter Terrorism Instructor, High Threat Security, Sniper and Armorer. 

Our Approach

Everyone can be better regardless of their background, abilities or setbacks. We believe instructing in a coaching manor with an emphasis on progression in a comfortable environment promotes growth. There is a time and place for training to be uncomfortable and only in that instance should an instructor promote such an environment.

Cutting Edge Content and Equipment

We maintain an assortment of advanced training and targeting systems that provide the latest information and create the most realism in live-fire training. The more interaction with a targeting system the more valuable the training becomes. Some of our systems are completely remote controlled and reactive.

Small Business Flexibility

From proficiency testing to standard or advanced employment training we can work with you to develop a program to suit your needs. Our instructors have devoted themselves to providing the best coaching service. They have served within the Canadian Forces and are not strangers to training/ training with elite law enforcement from around the world. They are devoted and eager to assist you with your project. Our mobile targeting systems make a great addition to your current training. Target systems can be set up and operated by our staff in support of your in-place program. 


Keeping information in the right hands by protecting your identity and limiting access to training programs. All of our programs are restricted access and attendees must provide proof of prerequisite. 

Above Board

Fully compliant with governing bodies and ethically decisive by reserving the right to deny or remove any potential clients. We will not take on a client just for the financial benefit. If our ethics do not align we may recommend another provider. We maintain a superior commercial business insurance policy and work closely with governing bodies.   

We're Mobile

Our instructors and equipment systems are completely mobile so we can provide the same training at your approved location. We currently work from 3 primary locations in Southern Ontario.

Location 1

  • 5 ranges
  • 1 Skeet, 2 action with sideberms, 1 standard single berm with heated shelter and a 400 meter rifle range set up to shoot from inside heated shelter.
  • Large heated indoor classroom

Location 2

  • A state of the art indoor range with classroom. Completely private & secure.

Location 3

  • Long range sighting and target practice up 1000 meters.

How it Started

"While serving the Canadian Forces I was introduced to a private security company that provided some exciting services. I received a lot of amazing training that really complimented the years of training with the Canadian Forces and it opened some doors for my after-service career in the private sector. I really love  the comradery while working and training with like-minded people. With a desire to be the best version of myself and surrounding myself with like minded people it's no wonder I am passionate about training. I founded TRG in 2017 on the believe that everyone should pursue what drives them. Knowing the desire for ongoing betterment and superior training programs by working professionals coupled with the sense of loss from leaving the armed forces I found the transition to the training industry happened naturally." 

- Mike, Founder TRG 


Sticking to what our instructors are well versed in, we are not afraid to say we cannot provide a service rather than risk our clients receive less than they deserve. We maintain integrity by sticking to a very reasonable pricing method and not attempting to maximize on each job. We do not charge our regular clients per student. Instead we stick to a reasonable hourly rate which promotes maximum flexibility for our clients financial requirements and ensures sustainability in our relationship. Due to the nature of open enrollment these programs are accessed by a pay per seat basis.


TRG is a reliable brand known for quality no-nonsense instruction. Content is derived from the industries best practices for discerning working professionals. We emphasize a non-opinionated desire to NOT be confused with or compared to tactical training providers or any certain sport shooting provider. We do not instruct specific to any shooting discipline. What we offer is the fundamentals of operating a firearm and carrying those fundamentals into speed, accuracy and movement. It is our branding goal to have students recognized by affiliation to be humbly devoted to self improvement with a high level of confirmed usable skill. 

Working For TRG

TRG only contacts the most qualified applicants on an as needed basis. It is important that the applicants represent a well-rounded life-style. Most instructors have a military background although this may not be necessary depending on experience, ability to perform, dedication to the respective art, personality and their future plans.  Without 10 years of continual training and on the job experience applicants will not be considered. Instructors have to maintain an ongoing regime towards betterment.