Professional Training


Proficiency Training & Testing

Training in the fundamentals of firearm operation and employment proficiency testing

Advanced Firearm Training

Advanced live-fire Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle training

Who We Are

Master Instructors

Instructors hold various credentials mastering the content they teach and specializing beyond the scope of our training courses. This keeps the knowledge flowing till the very end


A safe and efficient learning environment to maximize your time while ensuring piece of mind


Keeping information in the right hands by protecting your identity, reserving public content and limiting access to training programs 


Provide TURN KEY programs at one of our facilities or at your approved location with our equipment (including firearms) or yours

Cutting Edge

Advanced equipment provides an unmatched training experience taking you to a new level of proficiency

Above Board

Fully compliant with governing bodies certification and registration requirements.

Who We Work With

Armed Professionals

We have become the chosen provider of advanced training and methodologies for multiple large agencies. Our small business mentality makes us easy to work with as we work tirelessly to ensure our services are easy to use. Our advanced and new-to-industry training methods keep students excited.

Contact Us

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TRG is a private training provider set on delivering the best training courses for our clients. Specializing in few key areas the course list is kept small sticking to what the instructors are good at and qualified to teach. Courses are complex and delivered in a manner to compliment the shooter immediately and promote capability for more demanding courses. Currently our course availability is communicated directly to our clients. If you would like to train at TRG please contact us or subscribe to the training distribution list.

Our approach to providing training is a low profile, high return on investment with small business relationship and flexibility. We know what we are doing and believe our approach is unmatched. The experience our students gain at TRG is 100% above board and rich with new-to-industry lessons designed specifically for armed professionals.